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List of currency types to be used with the !addcurrency GM Command

Currency Type Description
sandoria_cp Sandoria Conquest Points
bastok_cp Bastok Conquest Points
windurst_cp Windurst Conquest Points
beastman_seal Beastman seals
kindred_seal Kindred seals
kindred_crest Kindred crests
high_kindred_crest High Kindred crests
sacred_kindred_crest Sacred Kindred crest
ancient_beastcoin Ancient Beastcoins
valor_point Valor Points
scyld Hunt Scyld Points
guild_fishing Fishing guild points
guild_woodworking Woodworking guild points
guild_smithing Smithing guild points
guild_goldsmithing Goldsmithing guild points
guild_weaving Weaving guild points
guild_leathercraft Leathercraft guild points
guild_bonecraft Bonecraft guild points
guild_alchemy Alchemy guild points
guild_cooking Cooking guild points
cinder Cinder
fire_fewell Fire Fewell
ice_fewell Ice Fewell
wind_fewell Wind Fewell
earth_fewell Earth Fewell
lightning_fewell Lightning Fewell
water_fewell Water Fewell
light_fewell Light Fewell
dark_fewell Dark Fewell
ballista_point Ballista points
fellow_point Fellow points
chocobuck_sandoria Chocobucks Sandoria
chocobuck_bastok Chocobuck Bastok
chocobuck_windurst Chocobuck Windurst
research_mark Research marks
tunnel_worm Tunnel worm
morion_worm Morion worm
phantom_worm Phantom worm
moblin_marble Moblin marbles
infamy Infamy
prestige Prestige
legion_point Legion points
spark_of_eminence Spark of eminence
shining_star Shining star
imperial_standing Imperial standing
leujaoam_assault_point Leujaoam assault points
mamool_assault_point Mamool assault points
lebros_assault_point Lebros assault points
periqia_assault_point Periqia assault points
ilrusi_assault_point Ilrusi assault points
nyzul_isle_assault_point Nyzul isle assault points
zeni_point Zeni points
therion_ichor Ampoules of Therion Ichor
allied_notes Allied notes
cruor Cruor
resistance_credit Resistance credits
dominion_note Dominion notes
fifth_echelon_trophy Fifth echelon trophies
fourth_echelon_trophy Fourth echelon trophies
third_echelon_trophy Third echelon trophies
second_echelon_trophy Second echelon trophies
first_echelon_trophy First echelon trophies
cave_points Cave Conservation points
id_tags Imperial Army id tags
op_credits Campaign Operation credits
traverser_stones Traverser Stones
voidstones Voidstones
kupofried_corundums Kupofried Corundums
pheromone_sacks Pheromone sacks
bayld Bayld
kinetic_unit Kinetic units
imprimaturs Imprimaturs
obsidian_fragment Obsidian fragments
lebondopt_wing Lebondopt wings
pulchridopt_wing Pulchridopt wings
mweya_plasm Mweya plasm