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Kupo is a private FFXI server based off the 2003 retail feeling with only CoP and RoZ expansions active
Kupo is a private FFXI server based off the 2003 retail feeling with only CoP and RoZ expansions active
{| class="wikitable" width="100%"
!colspan="2" style="text-align:left; font-size:18px; color: #FF0000;"|Vrtra Private Server
! style="text-align:right; width:100px;"| '''Server Address'''
! style="text-align:right;"| '''Discord'''
|  http://vrtra.wikia.com/wiki/Discord
! style="text-align:right;"| '''Wiki'''
|  http://vrtra.wikia.com/wiki/Vrtra_Wiki
! style="text-align:right;"| '''Additional Info'''
*Server Transfers available, Click here for more info: http://vrtra.wikia.com/wiki/Server_Transfer_Guide
*Server Level Cap: 80
*Server Rates (Experience: 2.5x, FoV/GoV: 2.5x, Crafting: 2,5x, Fame: 3x)
*Custom Abyssea
*Custom Weaponskill modifications
*Custom Items
*Custom Crafts
*Custom Mythic Weapon Quest
*Custom NPC's

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Attention: All these servers have the ability to record the IP address you are connecting from, and any & all chat you do while connected.
There is also an unofficial reddit community run by some players and servers. This is not handled by Darkstar developers.
Official DarkStar Test Server
Server IP Not online at this time
Server Forum https://forums.dspt.info/index.php
Additional Info Not online at this time

This server is used as a test server. Users should not expect to play on this server without issues or crashes. If you are looking for a server to call home, choose from a server below.
This is simply a server to test things on.

  • Auction house is populated with items for 100gil regularly.
  • Starting gil is 4 million.
  • Character run speed is 1.5x.
  • All classes start at level 1.
  • Experience rate is 1.89x.
Official DarkStar Classic Server
Server IP oldschool.dspt.info
Server Forum https://forums.dspt.info/index.php
Additional Info See whos online: http://oldschool.dspt.info/roster.php

Want to play like it was 1999 (or so?)
Want to have fun and enjoy leveling?
Want to re-live what it was like when the server first got started and when having cool stuff actually meant something?

  • Exp rate: 1.0
  • Auction house is empty except for what other players put for sale.
  • You start with 10 gil.
  • All NPCs are all "stock". Nothing custom!
  • Active community and player-base! Just ask for help, someone will always lend a hand.

Here is a list of all the items currently for sale on the AH, updated in real time:

The only "perk" is the Explorer Moogles. Currently Fields of Valor pages are enabled.
This server will receive all updates to the source/scripts as they become available, just like the official test server.

Nasomi Community FFXI Server
Server IP nasomi.com
Who's Online http://nasomi.com/status/
Additional Info Website: http://nasomi.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nasomi/
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/nasomi/
Live chat: http://nasomi.net

With over 1200 active players and growing, there are 300-350 online during peak hours. Hosted on a multi-node server cluster, this is the premier of regional servers. Every zone has it's own server, increasing stability and reducing latency.

We're aiming to provide the 2005 experience. Parties, crafting, fishing, gathering are the things that you'll see here. Players work together working to complete missions and story lines, advance level progression, unlock subjobs, and experience the game as it was during it's peak.

Level sync and access to the mog satchel/sack/case have been enabled.

  • Level cap 75.
  • You start with 10 gil.
  • Character speed 1.0x
  • Experience rate is 1.0x
  • Maintenance is periodic as fixes are made and areas can be taken offline individually to fix bugs.
Demiurge, the build it as we go server
Server address demiurge.pw
Discord https://discord.gg/SSU3HMq
Owner/Operator Teo
Hosting Currently hosted on a Virtual machine generously provided by Whasf, on the same hardware the Official DarkStar Classic Server lives on.
Other Info

Major settings and config options changed from defaults:

  • Gobbiebag/Mog Safe/etc 80 slots. All Wardrobes enabled.
  • exp_loss_level: 20
  • speed_mod: 40
  • sj_mp_divisor: 1.5
  • Battle_cap_tweak: 5
  • healing_tick_delay: 5
  • START_GIL = 1000
  • ALL_MAPS = 1
  • Augmented starting rings
  • subjob to mainjob ratio of 2/3 instead of 1/2

Additionally there are other minor adjustments not listed.

Currently open in a trial state to find exploits and whatnot - meaning at some point there may be a reset before the server is finalized. Uptime may be unpredictable during this phase.

  • Zilart+CoP+ACP, 75 cap, very minimal custom. And if it works in DSP in those expansions it works here.
  • The level cap will only increase when I deem sufficient post 75 content exists to warrant it. Don't hold your breath, Darkstar Project has a long way to go to make that happen.
  • ToAU will not be enabled until more of it is working.
  • Blue Mage won't happen until spell damage & effects are retail accurate.
  • WotG is not enabled as very little of it is working. As a result Dancer and Scholar are currently unavailable but that may change in the future.
  • The other 2 mini expansions will not be enabled until they are more properly working (ACP is 90% done already).
  • Abyssea is not planned, but if an overwhelming majority of the player base someday wants it, it may be a possibility.
  • Seekers and Rhapsodies: We'll discuss it when it actually exists in the Darkstar Project. Teo dislikes itemLevel gear though, so its rather doubtful even then.
    If Rune Fencer and Geomancer get built in Darkstar then may possibly offer a way to get them unlocked without Seekers. But they don't exist yet.
  • Subjob quest starts auto completed. Job quests must be done. Maat's level cap quests must be done. Battle EXP and especially chain EXP is buffed.. ..Book EXP is NOT. Chain like the good old days, or die trying!
Legion FFXI Server
Server IP legiondark.com
Server Forum http://legiondark.com/forums/
Additional Info
  • Level cap 99
  • Maps and OP Unlocked
  • Explorer Moogle 3 cities, Selbina, Mahura
  • EXP 3x Retail
  • Books 2x Retail
  • Combat and crafting skills 9x Retail
  • Reduced reengage delay
  • Reduced weakened time
  • Faster "resting" recovery
  • Several Custom Food Items
  • Many Enabled player commands
  • Small regen/refresh/regain with buff to level 75
  • STS service give us the unique ability to transfer a character from ANY server to legion
  • Over 200 Custom NM’s geared for 99 players up to Multi-Alliance Mobs.
  • 9 Custom Aby Zones for EXP and HNM, all geared and balanced for 99 play
  • Custom Trials and Quests for Salvage and +1/AF3 +1-2/Empy/Relic/Mythic(and upgrades)
  • Custom BCNM
  • ALL Blue Magic available.
  • Auction House Bot that simulates always present buyers and sellers at regular intervals.
  • Regular scheduled version updates to introduce new gear and content.
  • Regularly shares back relevant retail accurate work so all servers may benefit.
Era FFXI Server
Server IP ffera.com
Server Forum http://ffera.com/forums/
Additional Info

Era server is capped at the level 75 cap with Wings of The Goddess being the latest expansion. The server has a friendly and helpful social linkshell available to all players and active GMs. We also have custom content to make the player experience even more enjoyable!

  • 75 Cap & subjobs unlocked!
  • Default EXP x4 rate
  • Fields of Valor Books active
  • Increased movement speed 20% over retail speed (does not apply to Mentor characters)
  • Starting gil 10,000
  • Custom & Classic camp with "Moogle buffs" available
  • Maps and Outpost warps all Unlocked
  • CUSTOM Mentor Mode Exp x1 for the very old school player w/ Custom Vendors & Perks
  • Weekly Notorious monster quest with rewards
  • Get Rank 10 All Nation
  • Fully Implemented Zilart and Promathia Missions (Aht Urghan comming soon!)
  • Quest gil rewards increased
  • Custom commands
  • Custom Npcs
  • Custom BCNMs & ENMs
  • Custom Augments
  • (Mostly) FUNCTIONING Sea & Jailers
  • Limbus & Dynamis (including All Dreamlands*!)
  • Custom ZNM System including Pandemonium Warden!
  • Classic & Item pop Land God HNMs, with a chance of dropping HQ pop item
  • Increased fame acquisition for all nations
  • Custom drops on many NMs!
  • Regular server updates, Our devs work hard to keep content working just for you

Join our Teamspeak (ts3server://ffera.com) & Discord (http://ffera.com/discord) Servers!

Custom Connection Tool Available

Server IP
Server Forum http://gamerzprojectxi.com/


Additional Info
  • Ashita will not work on this server!
  • Custom Connection Tool Available
  • Starting gil: 1,000,000G
  • Level cap: 75
  • All Maps Unlocked
  • Experience rate: 8x Retail
  • Movement speed: 2.5x Retail
  • Crafting skill / Combat skill rate: 4x Retail
  • Ventrilo Server Available
  • Player based economy / items crafted
  • Great community works well together
  • No hacks cheats or dual-boxing is allowed
  • We prefer a community of people working together
  • Content added often~!
BNET.cc FunServer
Server Address use --server hltracker.com (I run a server for Hotline and run the XI server from there)
Server Forum http://www.bnet.cc/
Additional Info Commands List: http://bnet.cc/threads/ultimate-f-a-q.1147/#post-3156
Other Information/Users Online/etc: http://bnet.cc/online.php

Server has been in operation since 2013, and operates on a dedicated box on a 50 Down/50 Up Fiber Optic line. Its fast, stable, and loads of fun. Setup around people that have already played thru the game and really want to just relive some highlights, but not put months or years of their life into it again. Super fast leveling, and some fun commands.

  • Auction House repopulated weekly- 100gil items
  • Starting Gil 50,000
  • Movement speed around 70 (Nice pace!)
  • All jobs unlocked, subjobs unlocked.
  • Exp Rate around 30x faster than normal with FoV and GoV as well!
  • Skillups Auto-raise at level up. No more PITA Capping!
  • NM boosted 3x normal for real challenges with all of the player enhancements.
  • Zilart, CoP, ToAU, and WoTG. Abyssea is on, but not a concern and not cared about.
  • Wallhacking encouraged (And turned on for all players), several other commands availible (Check website for details as more are added over time!)
Server Address (use --server
Server Forum http://www.valhalla.group/forums/
Additional Info Valhalla provides a completely free and unique twist for Final Fantasy XI. Originally joining the scene in 2012, We have strived to forge our ideas of a Vana'diel that everyone can enjoy without the hassle of subscription fees.
  • EXP Rate 2.5x
  • Starting Gil 10,000
  • Movement Speed 80
  • Custom Adventuring Fellow - we have three complete(PLD,RDM,BLM) and working on SAM,DRK,WAR
  • Custom NPCs - Cross-class abilities and traits
  • Hunts & Daily bcnms
  • Custom Augment system
  • Mounts
  • Seasonal Events
  • PvP
LM's Darkstar Project FFXI Server
Server Address
Server Forum **None at this time**
Additional Info
  • Jobs: Locked
  • Server Status: Online (rarely down, The server is up 24 hours a day unless someone happens to hit the box outside my house with a truck again.)
  • Server Level Cap: 75
  • Expansions: Zilart, CoP, ToAU and WoTG are exactly as they are for DSP.
  • Server Rates (Exp/Crafting/FoV) (*Unless Specified it is retail)
  • Exp: 5X
  • Speed: 40 (2x retail)
  • Skill up Multiplier: 5.5
  • Craft Skill up Chance: 5.6
  • Droprate: 2.0 (2X retail)
  • Mob Gil Bonus: 50
  • Start Gil: 100,000
  • All Maps+ Outposts: UNLOCKED
  • Fame for all nations: 3X
  • Gil rate all missions: 3X
  • Excavation, Mining, Harvesting: 0.75 (0.33 is retail
  • Landking system: Hybrid (both spawn/ Pop)
  • HNM's: They spawn every 150 -180 seconds (2.5 to 3 minutes)
  • NM's: Same as HNM's for monsters with desirable drops.
  • Auction House: Stocked currently
  • Homepoint Teleport's : Disabled as is home point Heal.

My goal: To provide an FFXI experience free of the grind and exclusion that hurt the game in 2008. You will not be given items, you will still have to earn them. (exceptions will be made for missions/ quests that are currently not functioning as intended. Eg. Af1 quests.) Regardless of the progression of the darkstar project the server will not have anything after WoTG unlocked unless there is an overwhelming demand for it.

Realms of Jova
Server Address or realmsofjova.ddns.net
Server Forum **None at this time**
Additional Info
  • Jobs: All Unlocked
  • Server Status: Online
  • Server Level Cap: 99
  • Server Rates Exp: 6x /Crafting 10x / FoV 5x
  • Fame Rate 100x
  • All OP warps Unlocked
  • Completely stocked AH
  • All battlefield caps removed
  • Everything in the AH 100 gil
  • 10000 Starting gil
  • 2x run speed
  • Haste duration bumped up to 5 minutes. (Also affects the Hastega spell)
  • Lowered the drop rate again. Turns out it doesn't increase the rate of finding rare items.
  • Modified the Weapon Skill damage power to make it a higher chance of more damage
  • Changed the way Dia and Bio interact. Dia will now always overwrite Bio, Bio will never overwrite Dia
  • En-spells now last 5 minutes.
  • Bard songs now last 5 minutes
  • Bards can now have a maximum of 3 song effects per target
  • Bar element and Bar status effects will now stack with eachother for multiple effects instead of having to choose just one
  • Elemental and Divine magic power adjusted to 1.5x
  • Spike effects upped to 5 minutes
  • Aquaveil now provides a 35% reduction to interruptions
  • Sneak, Invis, and Deodorize now last 2x longer than retail.
  • Multiple EXP rings allowed
  • All expansions are now activated
  • Limit break removed
  • Speaking to Darcia in Lower Jeuno will teleport you directly to Western Adoulin (No conversation or quests)
  • Astral Flow
  • Botting and Dual Boxing are allowed
Expedition Gaming’s FFXI server
Server Address expeditiongaming.ddns.net
Server Forum http://expeditiongaming.guildwork.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/1749730585295430
Additional Info
  • Level Cap 75
  • Explorer Moogles to teleport city to city
  • Home Point teleports enabled
  • All maps unlocked at the start.
  • Outposts unlocked at the start.
  • Movement speed 120%
  • Starting gil 100,000
  • Skill Up Rate x15
  • Crafting Skill Up x15
  • Experience Bonus x3
  • Content up to just BEFORE Abyssea is enabled
  • Fully stocked Auction House
  • /say is Global chat
  • Change jobs and active Mog House anywhere in the world!
  • And so much more! come by and check us out ^.^
  • We have plans for some custom events, and will be adjusting settings based on community feedback.
  • Teamspeak3 open server expeditiongaming.ddns.net:9987
QuetzRebirth Server
Server Address
Server Forum http://quetzrebirth.com
Additional Info
  • Level Cap 75
  • Use the @signet and @sanction @ah commands when on the go!
  • All jobs are unlocked. Subjob is unlocked.
  • No need to do limit break quests. You're cleared up to the 75 cap.
  • No need to do AF quests. AF becomes available from storage NPCs at level 50.
  • Mythic Weaponskills are available at 285 Weapon Levels (275 for Club and Staff).
  • Zero exp loss upon death.
  • 2X exp gain, and 4X Fields of Valor and Grounds of Valor completion exp.
  • 4X skillup rate.
  • Sanction provides a 35% exp bonus when leveling in Sanction (ToAU) areas.
  • The Leveling Incentive Program grants you gil, particular gear, and supplies as you go. http://www.quetzrebirth.enjin.com/levelingincentive


  • 4X skillup rate.
  • You may level all crafts to 100 without limits.

Auction House

  • Lv1-60 Weapons and Armor are stocked at 100g per level. 150g for HQ
  • Custom Augment System
  • Custom Dynamis System
  • Several NMs Rare/ex Drops have additional stats
Server Address babychoco.net
Server Forum http://babychoco.net
Additional Info
  • Server Status: Online (24/7)
  • Server Level Cap: 99
  • Expansions: Zilart, CoP, ToAU and WoTG. (Based on the What Works page)
  • Special SubJob LimitBreaker/Genkai at Level 75 (custom quest)
  • All Maps Unlocked

The Idea behind BabyChoco is to combine elements from ff14 to reach a medium between quick achievements and shorter run-around vs competitive time-consuming play. This is ideal for those that have a busy work life but still want to relive the stories or finish what was unfinished.

Note: Accommodations will be granted to players for items that are unobtainable by normal means.

Server Address kupo.ddns.net
Server Forum http://kupoffxi.net/
IRC Chat irc.rizon.net #kupoFFXI
Additional Info

Website: https://kupoffxi.com/

Server Settings:

  • Experience rate is 1x.
  • Movement speed is 1x.
  • Fame gain 3x.
  • Crafting skill up rate 2x.
  • Notorious Monsters drop the non-ex gear.


  • Custom working in game friendlist
  • Custom player commands with ingame command list
  • All AHs linked together
  • Custom anti-bot
  • Custom anti-exploit
  • Explorer Moogle teleport to starting cities for 300 gil
  • ALL AF working
  • WORKING MONSTER TP so those melee classes you love are relative throughout the game!

Kupo is a private FFXI server based off the 2003 retail feeling with only CoP and RoZ expansions active

Server Address nightbrood.no-ip.info
Website http://nightbrood.freeforums.net
Additional Info
  • LVL Cap: 75.
  • XP 5x/Skillup 10x/Fame 10x/Crafting 5x
  • FoV/GoV EXP/Tab 5x
  • Player Run Speed: 3x retail.
  • 50% Increase to Weapon Skill Potency - Special Modifiers for Relic/Mythic.
  • 20% Increase to Magic and Item Potency
  • Dual-boxing allowed! Only 1 alt.
  • Sneak/Invisible 10x retail duration.
  • All mobs that can drop gil
  • All areas up to WoTG accessible.
  • All maps/OP unlocked
  • 80 Slot Safe/Sack/Satchels
  • Auction House Buyback.

1M gil starter ONLY FOR MAIN CHARACTERS. Server Xfers Not applicable. Ask GM for gil. Chocobo Shirt and Destrier Beret, Treat Staff II, Nexus Cape

Explorer Moogle active No Dyna wait timer No Midnight/3-5 day wait time for AF/Relic

Nation Missions: Up to Rank 6. Rank 10 Sandy Confirmed All ZM and COP Missions(Uncapped) Can obtain all Rings/Earrings ToAU Mission: Up to Mission 13 WoTG Missions: Up to Mission 3

Relics/Mythics Swap system. Relic weapons have increased modifiers and increased Aftermath duration to 30/60/90 for 1k/2k/3k TP.

Special system for obtaining items for non working content. Einherjar/Assault/Nyzul/Chantoyant/Etc. Convert merits to zeni! Non-Rare/EX items returned to popular NMs