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Official DarkStar Test Server

This is Whasf's server, the only official play-test server.

IP Address

Additional Information

Use to see who is online.

Auction House is populated regularly with items for 100 gil.

You start with 4 million gil

Character speed 1.5x

All classes start at level 1

Experience rate is 1.89x

When you create a character, you'll hang at "downloading data".. Disconnect and wait 45 seconds and login again. It could take up to three tries to log in in successfully with a new character.

DarkStar Old School Classic Server

IP Address

Additional Information

Want to play like it was 1999 (or so?)
Want to have fun and enjoy leveling?
Want to re-live what it was like when the server first got started and having cool stuff actually meant something?

   * Exp rate: 1.0
   * Auction house is empty except for what other players put for sale.
   * You start with 10 gil.
   * Potion & Ether power is 1.0
   * All NPCs are "stock" (No Reet to give you all the maps and such!)

Here is a list of all the items currently for sale on the AH updated in real time.

See Whose Online Here!!

The only "perk" is the Explorer Moogles

This server will receive all updates to the source/scripts as they become available, just like the official test server.

New Gilgamesh Server

IP Address (cannot create account with the launcher, only by the website)

Additional Information

Account creation only on the website, you can't with launcher

   * Exp rate: 5.0
   * Auction house is for player's sales only but we have a market with price of official server (http://gilgamesh.servegame.com/market).
   * You start with 50000 gil.
   * Run speed +15
   * All job are unlocked at the start (subjob and 20 jobs)
   * You can start at 75 with subjob at 37, 20M gils and some Ki, if you talk to festive moogle (choose correct job and subjob first) 
   * HL Event available: Sky, Sea, Dynamis, ZNM, Player versus Player


Website: http://gilgamesh.servegame.com

New account: http://gilgamesh.servegame.com/index.php?go=join

Download: http://gilgamesh.servegame.com/index.php?go=download

Market: http://gilgamesh.servegame.com/market



IP Address

Additional Information

New Server

AH has items

Rare/ex NPC Shops

Mobs drop gil

OP Foods

XP 4x

5mil to start

Increased WS dmg

Run speed is 60

Ifrit (Funserv)

IP Address

ping ifrit.servegame.com and use the resulting IP.

Additional Information

See the website for full details: http://ifrit.servegame.com/

Speed 70

Exp rate 20x (current retail is 2x)

Fame 5x

Guild point rate (when implemented) 2x

FoV Tab rate 2x

Staring inventory size 80

Starting gil 9 million

Auction house everything 100gil and restocked daily

Scripts to unlock subjobs and advanced jobs anytime

All maps unlocked

Explorer Moogles

Chocobo licence

Airship pass

Teleport Crystals

AF/Relic Talk to armor storage npc in Lower Jeuno for claim slips.

Silverwolf's Server

IP Address

Additional Information

Auction House is populated

You start with 4 million gil

Character speed 1.5x

Experience rate is 4x

Decent balance, more of that retail feel....

Range Attack does some damage but no skill up yet.

Borfax's Test Server

IP Address

Requires Hamachi to be running and connected to DarkStarFFXI

Hamachi network password is dsf


Additional Information

Jobs start at level 30, but will probably be adjusted randomly, depending on testing.

Abbysea Public Server

IP Address

Additional Information

Web Interface: http://abyssea.kicks-ass.org Community Forums: http://abyssea.kicks-ass.org/forums/ Bug Tracker: (currently offline, please use the forums for reporting bugs)

Abbysea is an up and coming server that is dedicated to getting darkstar where it needs to be. It is setup to be as retail-like as possible, and is constantly being worked on to fix bugs and add in new features. All development progress is also shared with the DSP team to increase development of the entire project.

Please join our community and enjoy a friendly atmosphere that is as close to retail as you can get (without playing on retail).

Fantasy World (the international server)

Our forum: http://fantasyworldforum.forums3.com actively has information about the status of the server and customizations.

Contact Staff via IRC or Java Chat(embedded in the forum next to the logout button)

For administrative issues talk to:




IP Address

Additional Information

Our server offers nearly 24/7 up time with the use of an auto-reboot on crash system with regular core & svn updates as they become available. We have a helpful & active GM Team constantly looking into ways to make themselves helpful to both the main project and the users on our server.

Level Cap: Level Till 99

Movement Speed: 200% scales with Chocobo, Flee.

Starting Gil: 15.000.000 with unlimited resupply.

Experience Rate: 10x

Fame Rate: 10x

Increased Fields of Valor Experience, Regen & Refresh.

Modded Foods: Galkan Sausage & Ginger Cookies

Unlock All: Maps, Subjob, All Classes, Teleport Crystals, Avatar Whispers, Chocobo License, Airship Pass, Kazham Airship Pass, Al Zahbi Boat Permit, 3 Nation Rings

Dry Bone (H-7) Bastok Mines.

Anini (H-5) Windurst Walls.

Anilla (J-8) Northern San d'Oria.

Unlock All Active Avatars: Valeri (J-8) Bastok Mines

Unlock All Active BLM Spells Phara (J-9) Bastok Mines

Unlock All Artifact Claim Slips Helmut inside Metalworks

FFXI Unlimited Private Server

IP Address

Additional Information

Play on this server is highly discouraged. They accept donations for the efforts of others and are accused of not sharing bug reports with the main project, which, in turn, slows down development. Please support the official project!

xGenesis Private Server

IP Address

Additional Information

Server is to mainly to level and have fun ^-^

Server Website: http://xgenesisffxi.weebly.com/

Server Forum: http://xgenesis.createaforum.com/index.php

-Server Status: Online -Server IP Address:

-Exp rate: 60x

-Starting gil: 50mil

-100g all items in auction house.

-All jobs unlocked.

  • Choosing 1 more GM. Contact us for info!*

Sinister Skies Private Server

IP Address


Additional Information

Server Website: http://sinisterskies.freeforums.org

Server Status: Online

Exp rate: 5x (as well as working EXP Rings)

Starting gil: 500k

All maps unlocked by default

Custom HNM fights and access a Shop with Custom Food and Chocobo Whistle wherever you are.

Custom NPCs as well as (partially) working Rune Fencer, Level Sync and PvP with WoTG and SoA zones being worked on.

New Boss fights constantly being added as well as lots of HNM runs and a friendly player base :)

Regular update with lots of added custom content.

Server is up 24/7

Retribution FFXI[Temporarily Offline]