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Stores all synthesis recipes that the server will recognize.

ID Just a sequential ID number. Otherwise meaningless.

Type Uncertain. 2 represents a synth without level requirements, such as the trap kits for A Shantotto Ascension.

KeyItem The required keyitem ID if there is one. Otherwise, 0. Incomplete list:

Woodworking Smithing Goldsmithing Clothcraft Leathercraft Bonecraft Alchemy Cooking
Keyitem ID Keyitem ID Keyitem ID Keyitem ID Keyitem ID Keyitem ID Keyitem ID Keyitem ID
Wood Purification 1984 Metal Purification 1992 Gold Purification 2000 Cloth Purification 2008 Leather Purification 2016 Bone Purification 2024 Alchemic Purification 2033 Raw Fish Handling 2040
Wood Ensorcellment 1985 Metal Ensorcellment 1993 Gold Ensorcellment 2001 Cloth Ensorcellment 2009 Leather Ensorcellment 2017 Bone Ensorcellment 2025 Alchemic Ensorcellment 2034 Noodle Kneading 2041
Lumberjack 1986 Chainworking 1994 Clockmaking 2002 Spinning 2010 Tanning 2018 Filing 2026 Anima Synthesis 2032 Patissier 2042
Boltmaker 1987 Sheeting 1995 Fletching 2011 Trituration 2035 Stewpot Mastery 2043
Concoction 2036
Iatrochemistry 2037

Alchemy, Bone, Cloth, Cook, Gold, Leather, Smith, Wood The skill level of the recipe. It will be possible to craft the item when skill is this amount-10.

Crystal, HQCrystal The itemid for the regular crystal and HQ crystal used for the recipe.

Element NQ HQ
Fire 4096 4238
Earth 4099 4241
Water 4101 4243
Wind 4098 4240
Ice 4097 4239
Lightning 4100 4242
Light 4102 4244
Dark 4103 4245

Ingredient1-8 The itemid of each ingredient. If a recipe calls for more than one of an item, it must occupy an equal number of slots. Ingredients must be entered from lowest itemid to highest!

Result, ResultHQ1-3 The itemid for the different tiers of outcomes. 0 if that tier is not possible.

ResultQty, ResultHQ1-3Qty The number of items returned for each possible outcome.


- A synthesis that returns ELEMENT_LIGHTNING for trade container type (probably anything using a lightning crystal) will not provide skill-ups as of r3400. Ever. The method for desynth skillups has not been implemented.