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BP Type BP Name
Blood Pact: Rage Searing Light Poison Nails Meteorite Holy Mist
Blood Pact: Ward Healing Ruby Shining Ruby Glittering Ruby Healing Ruby II Soothing Ruby
Blood Pact: Rage Aerial Blast Claw Aero II Aero IV Predator Claws Wind Blade
Blood Pact: Ward Aerial Armor Whispering Wind Hastega Fleet Wind
Blood Pact: Rage Inferno Punch Fire II Burning Strike Double Punch Fire IV Flaming Crush Meteor Strike
Blood Pact: Ward Crimson Howl Inferno Howl
Blood Pact: Rage Tidal Wave Barracuda Dive Water II Tail Whip Water IV Spinning Dive Grand Fall
Blood Pact: Ward Slowga Spring Water Tidal Roar
Blood Pact: Rage Judgment Bolt Shock Strike Thunder II Thunderspark Thunder IV Chaotic Strike Thunderstorm Volt Strike
Blood Pact: Ward Rolling Thunder Lightning Armor Shock Squall
Blood Pact: Rage Diamond Dust Axe Kick Blizzard II Double Slap Blizzard IV Rush Heavenly Strike
Blood Pact: Ward Frost Armor Sleepga Diamond Storm Crystal Blessing
Blood Pact: Rage Earthen Fury Rock Throw Stone II Rock Buster Megalith Throw Stone IV Mountain Buster Geocrush
Blood Pact: Ward Earthen Ward Earthen Armor
Blood Pact: Rage Howling Moon Moonlit Charge Crescent Fang Eclipse Bite Lunar Bay
Blood Pact: Ward Lunar Cry Lunar Roar Ecliptic Growl Ecliptic Howl Heavenward Howl
Blood Pact: Rage Ruinous Omen Camisado Nether Blast Night Terror
Blood Pact: Ward Somnolence Nightmare Ultimate Terror Noctoshield Dream Shroud Pavor Nocturnus
Cait Sith
Blood Pact: Rage Regal Scratch Level ? Holy
Blood Pact: Ward Altana's Favor Raise II Mewing Lullaby Reraise II Eerie Eye

Deconstruction Chronoshift
Perfect Defense

Note: Astral Flow pacts are not implemented and pets are not scaling properly.