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Hi there. I'm Teo.

Below is my current list of stuff I intend to do that relate to the DarkStar Project on github:

However, it is increasingly difficult to motivate myself to do these things anymore and I've a lot of RL probs right now that take up my time.

Make latents able to be used anywhere modifiers can be used

  • Starting with Status effects, by copying the behavior used by armor and subbing effectID with equipSlotID. Duplicate latents/mods from multiple effects will not be a problem if this behavior is copied correctly.

Finish Garrison like Whasf wanted

  • Tedious but easy to do, need to break this down by zone...
  • Maybe get some copy paste volunteers to speed that up... >.>
    • Needs to do same thing as what will need to be done for Confrontation status in order to emulate retail properly. the battlefield effect should be usable for that now.

Mob Stuffs:

  • Finish those 50+ NM's in my NM Branch, get those into DarkStar.

Finish my ACP work:

  • Fix AI of mobs in Qu'bia Arena (Fei'Yin) BCNM (gob needs to SA his goblin rush, teleport, orc and yag need customized TP attacks, etc)
    • All done except Goblin's teleport+Sneak Attack.
  • Commit/push the scripts for Delkfut's tower climb+lv cap
  • Code final BCNM with Seed Crystal (Needs a new binding to copy player model for the clone thing).
  • Tenshodo Treasure Coffer needs finished - needs the other ACP keys handled. Someone else can worry about AMK and ASA keys. Also the data being if/else formatted there currently eventually needs to be tabled.
  • Code the battle status for Elite FoV (see effect list below).
  • Code Elite FoV NM shiz and augment loot.

Effects that need created:

  • Finish reworking ATMA effect coding.
    • UPDATE: Most of the 145 ATMA now scripted. The NPC's menu script is still giving me difficulty. Data in the ATMA global needs to eventually be tabled.
  • Code Confrontation Status (needed for ACP,Elite FoV, and ANNM.)
    • Needs some sort of BattelfieldHandler type thing to prevent outside help. Kj got 'er done.

Stuff you can help me with by capturing from retail:

  • cs params for a treasure box from any Elite FoV NM containing any items with more than 2 augments (need multiple aug IDs, not multiple stats, 1 augment can contain multiple stats). I was only able to guess at these enough to display 2 and I suspect we should able to show up to 4. there are at least 5 augment "slots" per item, but only 2 can be obtained via fields of valor NMs.
  • Magian trial cs params (for onEventUpdate) where any item is displayed with more than just 2 augment "slots" in use (1 augment can contain multiple stats).
  • cs params for every menu option of those evil synergy furnaces (for onEventUpdate).
  • cs params for a treasure box in Battalia downs (nowhere else, please) containing a temp flagged item like Deadelus wing. Thank you, Akatora!