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The Goal

The idea for this wiki page originally stemmed from my post on the forums (What do these servers have to offer?) with the goal to create a list for everyone of what works and what doesn't. Throughout the thread it was brought to my attention that there are some things that do work but have major bugs in them that may prevent someone from wanting to even bother with it.

The goal? To put it simply, the goal of this page is to create a quick reference guide for those currently playing to know what works and what doesn't. For those who aren't playing it is meant as an informative page designed to showcase what features of the game currently do and do not work.

Just because something is listed here as not working does not mean it is never going to be implemented, all it means is that it is not currently implemented and could very well be in the works.

So without further ado, here is the list.

What Works and What Doesn't

For reference when scrolling through under each category it will be listed by expansion.

ie. Under Events it will go original content > Zilart > Promathia > ToAU, etc.

Legend: Green writing = Working

Orange writing = Working, with bugs

Red writing = Not working

Black writing = unconfirmed













Note: Astral Flow and merit pacts are not implemented.


Not implemented.


For clarification, what is listed here is what would be classified as a Linkshell event in retail, or anything you may need a group to accomplish.


Timeless hourglasses are not required.

Dynamis - Bastok

Dynamis - San d'Oria

Dynamis - Windurst

Dynamis - Jeuno -- Megaboss issues may not be corrected yet, some mobs do not aggro/link.

Dynamis - Beaucedine -- Needs testing for confirmation.

Dynamis - Xarcabard -- Needs testing for confirmation.

Dynamis - Buburimu

Dynamis - Qufim

Dynamis - Valkurm

Dynamis - Tavnazia

Relic System -- Unequip and re-equip stage 4 relics for the WS to show up in Dynamis.

High Notorious Monsters (HNM)




King Behemoth




Absolute Virtue -- If by "works" you mean "spawnable and has some incorrect TP moves."



Sky Gods







Need testing

Jailer of Faith

Jailer of Prudence

Jailer of Temperance

Jailer of Hope

Jailer of Fortitude

Jailer of Justice

Jailer of Love



NW Apollyon

SW Apollyon

NE Apollyon

SW Apollyon

CS Apollyon

Central Apollyon


W Temenos

N Temenos

E Temenos

Central Temenos


1st Floor

2nd Floor

3rd Floor

4th Floor


Working with Bugs

Not Working


Rank Assaults
Private Second Class Leujaoam Cleansing Imperial Agent Rescue Excavation Duty Seagull Grounded Golden Salvage Nyzul Isle Investigation
Private Fist Class Rank Up Quest Orichalcum Survey Preemptive Strike Lebros Supplies Requiem Lamia No. 13
Superior Private Rank Up Quest Escort Professor Chanoix Sagelord Elimination Troll Fugitives Saving Private Ryaaf Extermination
Lance Corporal Rank Up Quest Shanarha Grass Conservation Breaking Morale Evade and Escape Shooting Down the Baron Demolition Duty
Corporal Rank Up Quest Counting Sheep The Double Agent Siegemaster Assassination Building Bridges Searat Salvation
Sergeant Rank Up Quest Supplies Recovery Imperial Treasure Retrieval Apkallu Breeding Stop the Bloodshed Apkallu Seizure
Sergeant Major Rank Up Quest Azure Experiments Blitzkrieg Wamoura Farm Raid Defuse the Threat Lost and Found
Chief Sergeant Rank Up Quest Imperial Code Marids in the Mist Egg Conservation Operation: Snake Eyes Deserter
Second Lieutenant Rank Up Quest Red Versus Blue Azure Ailments Operation: Black Pearl Wake the Puppet Desperately Seeking Cephalopods
First Lieutenant Rank Up Quest Bloody Rondo The Susanoo Shuffle Better Than One The Price is Right Bellerophon's Bliss
Captain Rank Up Quest


Arrapago Remnants

Silver Sea Remnants

Zhayolm Remnants

Bhaflau Remnants


Many can be spawned. Most do not have correct AI/spell lists, are completely missing their TP moves, or both.

Tier I


Cheese Hoarder Gigiroon


Brass Borer




Lil' Apkallu


Tier II

Iriri Samariri

Iriz Ima

Lividroot Amooshah






Zareehkl the Jubilant

Tier III

Armed Gears


Gotoh Zah the Redolent


Khromasoul Bhurborlor


Experimental Lamia

Mahjlaef the Paintorn


Tier IV




Tier V

Pandemonium Warden


BCNM 100% works = Green
BCNM Working with Bugs or needs testing = Orange
BCNM don't work (reason)= Red
BCNM not implemented = Black


1-Many drop rates missing on ffxiclopedia
2-We cannot yet see multiple battle choices for the same orb

Ghelsba Outpost

BCNM: Wings of Fury

BCNM: Petrifying Pair - works but no loot

BCNM: Toadal Recall - No Loot, Will not show on battle list yet

Mission: Save the Children

DRG flag: The Holy Crest

Fellow: Mirror, Mirror

Waughroon Shrine

BCNM: Crustacean Conundrum

BCNM: Birds of a Feather

BCNM: Grove Guardians

BCNM: Royal Jelly

BCNM: The Worm's Turn

BCNM: The Final Bout

BCNM: 3, 2, 1...

BCNM: Up in Arms

BCNM: Grimshell Shocktroopers

KSNM: Copycat

KSNM: Operation Desert Swarm

KSNM: Prehistoric Pigeons - works but no loot (missing drops rates on ffxiclopedia)

KSNM: The Hills Are Alive

Mission: Journey Abroad

Mission: The Three Kingdoms

Mission: On My Way

SAMAF3:A Thief in Norg!?

Limit: Shattering Stars (Beastmaster)

Limit: Shattering Stars (Red Mage)

Limit: Shattering Stars (Thief)

Limit: Beyond Infinity

Horlais Peak

BCNM: Shooting Fish

BCNM: Carapace Combatants

BCNM: Dropping Like Flies

BCNM: Under Observation

BCNM: Tails of Woe

BCNM: Eye of the Tiger

BCNM: Hostile Herbivores

BCNM: Shots in the Dark

BCNM: Dismemberment Brigade

KSNM: Horns of War

KSNM: Contaminated Colosseum

KSNM: Double Dragonian

BCNM: Today's Horoscope

Mission: The Emissary

Mission: The Three Kingdoms

Mission: The Secret Weapon

Limit: Shattering Stars (Black Mage)

Limit: Shattering Stars (Ranger)

Limit: Shattering Stars (Warrior)

Limit: Beyond Infinity

Balga's Dais

BCNM: Charming Trio

BCNM: Creeping Doom

BCNM: Harem Scarem

BCNM: Royal Succession

BCNM: Steamed Sprouts

BCNM: Rapid Raptors

BCNM: Treasure and Tribulations

BCNM: Wild Wild Whiskers

BCNM: Divine Punishers

KSNM: Moa Constrictors

KSNM: Royale Ramble

KSNM: Seasons Greetings

KSNM: Early Bird Catches the Wyrm

Mission: Journey Abroad

Mission: The Emissary

Mission: Saintly Invitation

Limit: Shattering Stars (Monk)

Limit: Shattering Stars (Summoner)

Limit: Shattering Stars (White Mage)

Limit: Beyond Infinity

Qu'Bia Arena

BCNM: Die by the Sword

BCNM: Let Sleeping Dogs Die

BCNM: Undying Promise

BCNM: Factory Rejects

BCNM: An Awful Autopsy

BCNM: Idol Thoughts

BCNM: Celery

BCNM: Brothers D'Aurphe

BCNM: Demolition Squad

KSNM: Come Into My Parlor

KSNM: E-vase-ive Action

KSNM: Infernal Swarm

Mission: Darkness Rising

Mission: The Ruins of Fei'Yin

Mission: The Final Seal

Mission: The Heir to the Light

Mission: Those Who Lurk in Shadows (III)

Limit: Shattering Stars (Bard)

Limit: Shattering Stars (Dark Knight)

Limit: Shattering Stars (Paladin)

Limit: A Furious Finale (Dancer)

Limit: Beyond Infinity

Fellow: Mirror Images

Fellow: Clash of the Comrades

Talacca Cove

ISNM: Call to Arms

ISNM: Compliments to the Chef

Mission: Legacy of the Lost

PUPAF3: Puppetmaster Blues

Limit: Breaking the Bonds of Fate (Corsair)

Navukgo Execution Chamber

ISNM: Tough Nut to Crack

ISNM: Happy Caster

Mission: Shield of Diplomacy

BLUAF2: Omens

Limit: Achieving True Power (Puppetmaster)

Jade Sepulcher

ISNM: Making a Mockery

ISNM: Shadows of the Mind

Mission: Puppet in Peril

Quest: Moment of Truth

Limit: The Beast Within (Blue Mage)

Spire of Dem

ENM: You Are What You Eat

Mission: Ancient Flames Beckon -- Animas do not work

Spire of Holla

ENM: Simulant

Mission: Ancient Flames Beckon -- Animas do not work

Spire of Mea

ENM: Playing Host

Mission: Ancient Flames Beckon -- Animas do not work

Spire of Vahzl

ENM: Pulling the Plug

Mission: Desires of Emptiness --No boss scripts

Monarch Linn

ENM: Bad Seed

ENM: Fire in the Sky

ENM: Beloved of the Atlantes

ENM: Bugard in the Clouds

Mission: Ancient Vows -- No TP moves, damage and delay do not change

Mission: The Savage -- Does not fly, does not surrender early.

Quest: Uninvited Guests

The Shrouded Maw

ENM: Test Your Mite

Mission: Darkness Named -- Some floors look solid but are not.

Avatar: Waking Dreams

Mine Shaft #2716

ENM: Bionic Bug

ENM: Automaton Assault

ENM: Pulling the Strings

Mission: A Century of Hardship

Quest: Return to the Depths

Boneyard Gully

ENM: Like the Wind

ENM: Sheep in Antlion's Clothing

ENM: Shell We Dance?

ENM: Totentanz

Mission: Head Wind

Quest: Tango with a Tracker

Quest: Requiem of Sin

Bearclaw Pinnacle

ENM: Brothers

ENM: Follow the White Rabbit

ENM: Holy Cow

ENM: When Hell Freezes Over

Mission: Flames for the Dead


I will create a more extensive list on this at a later time, including what AF quests work and what do not however for now it will just be what jobs are functional and what are not.

Base Jobs



  • Footwork needs some work
  • Weapon skills return incorrect TP

White Mage

Black Mage

Red Mage


Advanced Jobs


  • Some AF not implemented.
  • Rampart is not implemented
  • Cover is not implemented

Dark Knight


  • Charm Functions some what but there are still bugs.
  • Pet enhancing gear does not work.
  • Issues with Heel and correct pet behavior.
  • Pets use incorrect TP moves.



  • This job needs to be torn out at the roots and rebuilt from scratch.


  • No Astral Flow
  • Pet enhancing gear doesn't work
  • No Elemental Siphon
  • No Avatar's Favor




  • Wyvern attacks on engage.
  • Status removal breaths are not implemented.
  • Most pet enhancing gear doesn't work (enhances wyvern breath gear works)
  • Super Jump not implemented.
  • Spirit Surge not implemented.

Blue Mage

  • No AF.
  • Spell learning is a flat, 25% chance if your level is within 7 of the enemy's. Skill plays no factor.
  • Many spells are not yet scripted.



  • No AF.
  • No Random Deal, Wild Card, merit JAs


  • No AF.
  • Waltzes function, formulas may be off/incorrectly lacking a cap.
  • Drain and Aspir Sambas... sort of work. Haste Samba is a wreck.


  • No AF.
  • Lacks Modus Veritas.
  • Light Arts/Dark Arts do not grant skill bonus, but they will increase the cap.
  • No Enlightenment, Altruism, Focalization, Tranquility, Equanamity yet

Weapon Skills

Most should work up to relic level, and the formulas in use match those accepted as correct by retail players. While there are reports of damage being low, no one finds issues with the formulas, so research is necessary to find out what's actually wrong.

WSNM quests are not implemented, and the weapon skills are automatically gained.


  • Magic-based weapon skills currently use a physical formula, and will be calculated as physical damage
  • Monk WSs do not return TP correctly. The second hit should return a punch worth of TP when it lands, rather than 1.
  • Energy Steal and Energy Drain were never really finished. They do static damage, and may not restore MP.
  • Spirits Within may be using an older, incorrect formula.


As merits gain functionality this list will be updated with specifics as to which particular merits work and which do not.

General Merit Point Categories



Combat Skills

Magic Skills


Weapon Skills

Job-Specific Merit Point Categories

Warrior Group 1, Group 2

  • Group 1 merits are working.
  • Warrior's Charge is working.

Monk Group 1, Group 2

  • Group 1 merits are working.
  • Formless Strikes (Group 2) works.
  • Mantra is working.

White Mage Group 1 and 2

  • Divine Seal recast merits - Group 1

Black Mage Group 1 and 2

Red Mage Group 1 and 2

  • Convert recast merits work

Thief Group 1 and 2

  • Assassin's Charge works

Paladin Group 1 and 2

Dark Knight Group 1 and 2

  • Got some love from kjLotus, uncertain what was done.

Beastmaster Group 1 and 2

Bard Group 1 and 2

Ranger Group 1 and 2

Summoner Group 1 and 2

Samurai Group 1 and 2

  • Store TP merits work
  • Meditate recast down works
  • Overwhelm works

Ninja Group 1 and 2

Dragoon Group 1 and 2

  • Recast merits should be working. Deep Breathing has been added. Empathy will allow you to use Spirit Link at full wyvern HP, but will copy no status effects.

Blue Mage Group 1 and 2

Corsair Group 1 and 2

Puppetmaster Group 1 and 2

Dancer Group 1 and 2

Scholar Group 1 and 2

  • Enlightenment, Altruism, Focalization, Tranquility, Equanamity not yet functional


All nation missions currently work up to rank 6 and therefore will be marked as green, as it does not hinder any game play to not be able to go further than that.

Bastok -- Rank 7

San d'Oria -- Rank 8?


Rise of the Zilart - Implemented up through Ark Angels and The Sealed Shrine. The final BCNM (The Celestial Nexus) and the cutscenes afterward are all that remain.

Chains of Promathia - Works up to Promyvion - Vahzl, but many behaviors need improvement.

Treasures of Aht Urhgan

Wings of the Goddess

A Crystalline Prophecy: Ode of Life Bestowing

A Moogle Kupo d'Etat: Evil in Small Doses

A Shantotto Ascension: The Legend Torn, Her Empire Born

Visions of Abyssea

Scars of Abyssea

Heroes of Abyssea

Seekers of Adoulin


Dual-boxing -- Works, but has issues with sessions. Characters can be switched between users on the same IP address when zoning, and players can become stuck. Also, the BCNM system will not allow two users with the same visible IP address to enter a BCNM.

Character Creation -- Recent versions of FFXI-Boot_mod3 (with Ashita) will create characters without issue.


It was my pleasure to bring this list to the Darkstar Project community, and I thank everyone very much for the assistance and reports of functionality. I hope this list can make it to the eyes of numerous potential newcomers and also veteran players on the server.

As of right now this list is incomplete, any feedback on the change of functionality or any missing content please do let me know through the forums via PM or just go through my profile page