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A break down of the database tables and what the fields mean.

Basic database primer

A simple explanation of how a database works, some hurdles and "gotchas" that might crop up, and why things are done the way they are.


id: ex. 1000 - Account number. Starts at 1000 on a new server.

login: ex. Delaide - Account name. This is what people will enter when logging into the lobby server.

password: ex. *D5E09826B358AD8E83247BE78B0F2371565ED820 - Account password, stored in MySQL PASSWORD() format.

email: ex. (nothing here) - Entry for email address to associate with the account to facilitate password recovery via the now defunct DSPWEB project.

email2: ex (nothing here) - Entry for a second email address to associate with the account.

timecreate: ex. 2016-01-31 02:23:29 - This shows the date stamp for when the account was originally created.

timelastmodify: ex. 2016-02-14 22:22:34 - This will show the last time the account was modified. Normally last time it was logged in.

content_ids: ex. 16 - How many characters can be made for this account.

status: ex. 1 - Unsure what this is for (If the account is active, a remanent from the subscription retail uses?).

priv: ex. 1 - Unknown usage at this time.


accid: The account number that has been banned.

timebann: The time the account was banned.

timeunbann: The time the account will be unbanned.

banncomment: Any comments on the ban, like reason, will be input here.



Includes "chars," "char_effects," "char_equip," "char_exp," "char_look," "char_points," "char_profile," "char_skills," "char_stats," "char_storage," "char_titles," "char_vars," and "char_weapon_skill_points."


Includes "item_armor," "item_basic," "item_furnishing," "item_latents," "item_mods," "item_puppet," "item_usable," "item_weapon," and "item_weapon_unlocked."


Includes "abilities," "blue_spell_list," "blue_spell_mods," "merits," "skill_caps," "skill_ranks," "spell_list," "traits," and "weapon_skills."


Includes "mob_spawn_points," "mob_groups," "mob_pools," "mob_droplist," "mob_family_system," "mob_skill," and "nm_spawn_points."


Includes "auction_house," "delivery_box," "guild_shops," and "synth_recipes."


Includes "fishing_fish," "fishing_lure," "fishing_rod,' "fishing_zone."

bcnm_info, bcnm_instance, bcnm_loot, bcnm_treasure_chests, conquest_system, elevators, exp_base, exp_table, linkshells, mob_change_skin, npc_list, pet_list, server_variables, skill_caps, skillchain_damage_modifiers, status_effects, transport, zone_settings, zone_weather, zonelines


Dumping this here for now. Setting npc_list.status to 2 will make the NPC untargetable.

Modifying Drop Lists

Find the mob you want to modify from the sql/mob_pools.sql table.

With the poolid find the mob in sql/mob_groups.sql.

Get the dropid then find the table in sql/mob_droplist.sql.

You can also search for the itemid directly in droplist if its unique enough.

If there is no droplist you can easily create a new one but make sure the dropid is unique.