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This is a page that has lists of known packet ids for both client to server, and server to client communication. For information on the packet header, see: Packet Header

Final Fantasy XI (Client -> Server)
Packet ID Packet Description
0x0000 Unknown / Unhandled
0x0FFF Unknown / Unhandled
0x000A Login / Zone
0x000C Character Info Request
0x000D Leave Zone / Logout
0x000F Quest / Mission / Item / Key Item Request
0x0011 Zone Transition
0x0015 Player Information Sync
0x0016 Entity Information Request
0x0017 Client NPC Mismatch
0x001A Action
0x001B World Pass Request
0x001C Unknown Packet
0x0028 Drop Inventory Item
0x0029 Move Inventory Item
0x0032 Trade Request
0x0033 Trade
0x0034 Trade Window Item
0x0036 Trade NPC
0x0037 Use Item
0x003A Sort Inventory
0x003C Unknown Packet
0x003D Blacklist
0x0041 Treasure Pool Lot
0x0042 Treasure Pool Pass
0x004B Server Message Request Chunk
0x004D Delivery Box
0x004E Auction House
0x0050 Equipment Change
0x0058 Synth Suggestion Request
0x0059 Synth Complete
0x005A Conquest, Besiged, Campaign Request
0x005B Event Update
0x005C Event Update
0x005D Emote
0x005E Zoneline
0x0060 Event Update (Text)
0x0061 Character Sync
0x0063 Chocobo Digging
0x0064 Seen Keyitem Update
0x0066 Fishing Action
0x006E Party Invite
0x006F Party Leave
0x0070 Party Dissolve
0x0071 Remove Member (Party, Linkshell)
0x0074 Party Invite Response
0x0076 Party Information Request
0x0077 Member Role Assign (Party, Linkshell)
0x0078 Party Search Request
0x0083 Shop Purchase
0x0084 Shop Appraise
0x0085 Shop Sell
0x0096 Synth Start
0x00AA Guild Purchase
0x00A2 Dice Roll
0x00AB Guild Menu Buy
0x00AC Guild Sell
0x00AD Guild Menu Sell
0x00B5 Chat
0x00B6 Whisper (/tell)
0x00BE Experience Mode (Exp or Limit)
0x00C3 Create Linkpearl Request
0x00C4 Linkshell (Create, Equip, Unequip)
0x00D2 Party Map Update Request
0x00D3 Help Desk
0x00DC Nameflag Adjustment (/away, /invite, /anon, etc.)
0x00DB Language Set
0x00DD Check (/check)
0x00DE Bazaar Message Set
0x00E0 Search Message Set
0x00E1 Linkshell Message Request (/lsmes)
0x00E2 Linkshell Message Update Request (/lsmes set)
0x00E7 Exit Game Request (Logout / Shutdown)
0x00E8 Heal Request (/heal)
0x00EA Sit Request (/sit)
0x00F1 Status Effect Cancel Request
0x00F2 Zone Boundry Update
0x00F4 Widescan
0x00F5 Widescan Track
0x00F6 Widescan Track Cancel
0x00FA Furniture Placement (Moghouse)
0x00FB Furniture Placement Removal (Moghouse)
0x0100 Job Change Request
0x0102 Blue Magic Skill Set
0x0104 Bazaar Close
0x0105 Bazaar Open Request
0x0106 Bazaar Purchase Request
0x0109 Bazaar Price Menu Close
0x010A Bazzar Price Set
0x010B Bazaar Price Menu Open
0x010F Currency Menu Request
Final Fantasy XI (Server -> Client)
Packet ID Packet Description
0x0028 Action (Spells, Abilities, Weapon skills, etc.)
0x004C Auction House
0x0108 Bazaar Check
0x0107 Bazaar Close
0x0109 Bazaar Confirmation
0x0105 Bazaar Item
0x00CA Bazaar Message
0x0106 Bazaar Purchase
0x0042 Blacklist
0x0071 Campaign Map
0x0027 Caught Fish
0x000D Character Update
0x00AC Character Abilities
0x0051 Character Appearance
0x00C9 Character Check
0x005A Character Emotion
0x0050 Character Equip
0x00DF Character Health
0x001B Character Jobs
0x0044 Character Jobs (Extra)
0x0062 Character Skills
0x00AA Character Spells
0x0061 Character Stats
0x0067 Character Sync
0x0037 Character Update
0x0017 Character Message
0x002F Chocobo Digging
0x005F Chocobo Music
0x005E Conquest Map
0x0065 Cutscene Position
0x0103 Currency
0x004F Downloading Data
0x000E Entity Update
0x0039 Entity Visual
0x0032 Event
0x0034 Event
0x0033 Event String
0x005C Event Update
0x0038 Fade Out
0x0081 Fishing
0x0086 Guild Menu
0x0083 Guild Menu Buy
0x0082 Guild Menu Buy Update
0x0085 Guild Menu Sell
0x0084 Guild Menu Sell Update
0x001F Inventory Assign
0x001D Inventory Finish
0x0020 Inventory Item
0x001E Inventory Modify
0x001C Inventory Size
0x0055 Key Items
0x00E0 Linkshell Equip
0x00CC Linkshell Message
0x0058 Lock On
0x00B4 Menu Config
0x0063 Menu Merit
0x002E Menu Mog House
0x00F9 Menu Raise Tractor
0x008C Merit Points Categories
0x0029 Message Basic
0x002D Message Debug
0x002A Message Special
0x0009 Message Standard
0x0053 Message System
0x0036 Message Text
0x00C8 Party Define
0x00DC Party Invite
0x00A0 Party Map
0x00DD Party Member Update
0x00E1 Party Member Search
0x0067 Pet Sync
0x005B Position
0x0056 Quest Mission Log
0x0052 Release
0x004B Send Box
0x000B Server IP
0x004D Server Message
0x003D Shop Appraise
0x003F Shop Buy
0x003C Shop Items
0x003E Shop Menu
0x0041 Stop Downloading
0x0030 Synth Animation
0x006F Synth Message
0x0031 Synth Suggestion
0x0022 Trade Action
0x0025 Trade Item
0x0021 Trade Request
0x0023 Trade Update
0x00D2 Treasure Find Item
0x00D3 Treasure Lot Item
0x0057 Weather
0x00F4 Widescan Entry
0x00F5 Widescan Track
0x00F6 Widescan Start / Stop
0x0059 World Pass
0x000A Zone In
0x0008 Zone Visited