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Problems with the Server

Why can I not connect to my own server?

First, check and see if you can connect on the same machine using SERVIP =

If you can connect using that, but not using your LAN or Internet IP address, you probably need to forward ports on your router. The ports you need to open are TCP: 54230 54231 54001 54002 UDP 54230

"If I use my public IP address, my friends can connect, but I can't."

This is because you're attempting to use what is called hairpin routing, and most commercial routers will not support connecting to a computer on your own network via a public IP address.

The preferred solution is to use FFXI-Boot Mod with the --hairpin argument, assuming that the latest version has been updated to match the newest FFXI client. Alternatively, don't host the server on a connection that's also playing on it.

An unsupported solution is to use LogMeIn Hamachi.

"Client cannot receive packet or Key is invalid" in DSGame-server

Typically happens if a player tries to log in while the server still sees a valid session in accounts_session. The error is shown because the blowfish key offered by the client doesn't match the one for the active session, hence "key is invalid." Close the game client, wait for the server to time out the and close old session, and try again. This should happen after 120 seconds at most. This is commonly encountered when using FFXI-Boot to create a new character, or if the player's client is closed improperly/crashes. /shutdown is your friend, or /logout and closing the client with "Back."

This error can also happen if a character has failed to load completely multiple times, but that will generally only occur if the server is crashing during login or break points are being used for troubleshooting the login process. In these situations, the chars table will show the character in zone 0, prevzone 0, x 0, y 0, z 192 or something similar. The easiest way to fix this is with the @posfix GM command used by a different character, or copying an unaffected character's position while the affected character is completely logged out with no active session. Note that this situation is extremely unlikely to arise accidentally. The above cause is much, much more likely.

@posfix will generally fix both if you're just not sure, as it kills the active session and places the character in Jeuno, safe and sound. This does require a secondary GM character if your primary is the one affected, though.

Cannot find msvc100.dll error

This missing file may be solved by downloading and installing the link below

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)

Cannot find msvc110.dll error

This missing file may be solved by downloading and installing the x86 version from the link below

MSVC 2012 Update 1 Runtimes x86 version

Clean and Build

Bugs occasionally crop up due to Visual Studio not applying changes properly. The solution to this is to "Clean" the build before rebuilding your server.

Doing this requires that Visual Studio be in "Expert Settings" rather than Basic. If you aren't sure which you're using, go to Tools -> Settings.

The actual method is quite simple. Under the Build menu, select "Clean Solution." This should only take a few seconds. Afterwards, select "Build Solution" or "Rebuild Solution." This is a full compile, and will likely take a few minutes.

Problems with the Client

When I talk to an NPC, nothing happens - When a cutscene plays, it stops halfway through

Square-Enix regularly update their client with patches. Sometimes, these patches cause changes for us that we have to patch (as many of us play retail, and there's no older client version saved anywhere). When DSP gets updated with the new IDs, older clients will behave erratically with the changed IDs. Most notably, the name and look will change (An NPC will look like another) and their script may not work. To correct this, the client must be updated. Usually, a simple file check in PlayOnline Viewer will suffice, but it is possible that it will report no problems (if you never change your game files). In this case, you must navigate to where you installed FFXI, find any .DAT file and delete it. This will force the file check to fail and download the .DAT you deleted, as well as any items that needed to be patched.

Any time I attack a monster or cast a spell, the game crashes!

The March 26th 2012 patch broke compatibility with Darkstar servers until revision 940. If your server is revision 940 or higher, you will need to update your client using the PlayOnline Viewer's File Repair option. If you updated, but your play server is not using revision 940 or higher, encourage the maintainer to update whenever possible.

PlayOnline Viewer crashes on Windows Vista/7

You need to install the Vista compatible PlayOnline viewer from The PlayOnline Site and not from the discs. You will still install the game and expansions as normal using the discs.

POL-1160 Error when trying to update/repair

Check that PlayOnline viewer is allowed through your firewall and router. If you have PeerGuardian, PeerBlock, or similar programs, you may want to check and see if those are blocking responses from the PlayOnline servers.

FFXI-3313 error (Error message is in Japanese)

This error means that you are trying to create a character with an invalid name. This can be due to the name being taken by another character, containing an invalid character in it (such as a number or underscore), or because the name was for some reason or another reserved by the devs at SE (such as the name "Bill").

FFXI-3322 error/ffxi-boot or mXI error 10093

This is known as a 'anything can be wrong' error. Note: If the first solution does not fix this, it could be anything on your computer causing this error.

Make certain that you have copied the data folder at PlayOnline\SquareEnix\PlayOnlineViewer\data to the Final Fantasy XI directory at PlayOnline\SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XI. Afterwards you should have the directory PlayOnline\SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XI\data

If that is not your problem and your still getting the Accept Fail 10093 error. Make sure your drivers are installed and updated. Check through all of the other solutions on this page such as the distribution packages are downloaded.

After all these fixes and its still not working. You may need to reinstall FFXI on your computer to help solve your problem.