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Resetting an account password


Mail an item to all characters on the entire server

INSERT INTO delivery_box (charid, charname, box, slot, itemid, itemsubid, quantity, extra, senderid, sender, received, sent)
  SELECT chars.charid, chars.charname, 1, 0, ItemIdHere, 0, 1, NULL, 0, 'The MHMU', 0, 0 FROM chars;

Mail an item to one character

INSERT INTO delivery_box VALUES (charid, 'name here', 1, 0, itemid, 0, quantity, NULL, 0, 'The MHMU', 0, 0);

Find All Mobs Without Pets

select mobid, mobname, mob_pets.pet_offset 
from mob_spawn_points 
inner join mob_groups on mob_spawn_points.groupid = mob_groups.groupid 
inner join mob_pools on mob_groups.poolid = mob_pools.poolid 
left join mob_pets on mob_pets.mob_mobid = mob_spawn_points.mobid 
where mob_pools.mJob IN (9, 14, 15, 18) and mob_pets.pet_offset IS NULL;

Find All Pets Without a Master

select mobid, mobname from mob_spawn_points where mobname LIKE '%\_s\_%' and NOT EXISTS (select * from mob_pets where mob_mobid + pet_offset = mobid limit 1);

Expansion icons

Icons are set per-account now, in the accounts table. Change the default value in the table design to the value you want everyone to have (without having to set it every time someone creates an account).

Expansion Icons - 2 Bytes

Byte 1 - Zilart to A Shantotto Ascension
00000000 Bit0 - Not Used - Original FFXI bit
00000010 Bit1 - Enables Rise of Zilart Icon
00000100 Bit2 - Enables Chains of Promathia Icon
00001000 Bit3 - Enables Treasures of Aht Urhgan Icon
00010000 Bit4 - Enables Wings of The Goddess
00100000 Bit5 - Enables A Crystalline Prophecy Icon
01000000 Bit6 - Enables A Moogle Kupod'Etat Icon
10000000 Bit7 - Enables A Shantotto Ascension Icon

Byte 2 - Vision of Abyssea to Seekers of Adoulin
00000001 Bit0 - Enables Vision of Abyssea
00000010 Bit1 - Enables Scars of Abyssea
00000100 Bit2 - Enables Heroes of Abyssea
00001000 Bit3 - Enables Seekers of Adoulin
00010000 Bit4 - Not Used - Future expansion
00100000 Bit5 - Not Used - Future expansion
01000000 Bit6 - Not Used - Future expansion
10000000 Bit7 - Not Used - Future expansion

It's a decimal representation of multiple bytes. Lets look at them in binary, where it's all on/off (one and zero):
so our default value of 4094 = 0000111111111110 (everything except the "Not Used" bits). You can use almost any calculator to swap between these formats if you need to.