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A list of reference ID pages. Many can be used with various GM commands.

Item Reference Lists

Inventory Items

These can be used with the GM Command !additem

Basic Item IDs

Armor IDs

Furniture IDs

Puppet Item IDs

Usable Item IDs

Weapon IDs

Key Items

These can be used with the GM Command !addkeyitem

Key Item IDs

Other Reference Lists

Ability Animation IDs

Action IDs

Animation IDs

Event IDs

Ability IDs

Weapon Skill IDs

Skill IDs

Mod IDs

Monster Family IDs

Monster Pool IDs

Monster Skill IDs


Pet IDs

Status Effect IDs

Trait IDs

Spell IDs

Zone IDs

Costume IDs (NPC and Monster model IDs)

Weapon mID

Currency Types (For use with !addcurrency GM Command)

Log IDs